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Sulu Fantasy Books

The Fantasy Library is a portal to fantasy novels and short stories.  Submissions must be by email. Readers are encouraged to join the Samar Publications Group to keep informed of current publications.  Writers are also encouraged to join for publication assistance.

eAnthology - FL welcomes submissions to its eAnthology - fiction and/or poetry - submit by email - no attachments - 300 word limit on fiction - payment to you is one email and/or print copy of the FL edition of the collection.

Please query at astarteimmortal at yahoo dot com

Links to Fantasy Books

Writers are welcome to submit their work  and important  links.

The Samar Fantasy Library publishes novels, short stories and eBooks.  Please request the standards.

Submission of fiction and poetry are welcome for our eAnthologies -

astarteimmortal at yahoo dot com

submit by email - 300 word limit for fiction - no attachments - subject line must include the words Samar and eanthology - payment will be one email copy of the Samar edition and / or print edition.

City of the Mirage / Jerome Brooke - Smashwords

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Submission of novels and short stories must be by email.  Please submit samples and query before submission of longer works.  Submission must be by copy and paste unless otherwise agreed - no attachments. Work must be photo ready unless otherwise agreed.  Please request standards for traditional publication of hard copy formats and eBooks.

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